How the miniatures are born

The clay travels a long way before it becomes a perfect miniature or a magnificent artwork.

Firstly the clay is rolled out into equal thickness sheets, then according to the patterns there are cut necessary parts. They are used to form the walls and roof parts. Later they are joined into one piece which is being dried left into a natural environment from 3 days to 3 weeks, it depends on size.

A dry miniature is scorched in the oven in the temperature of 9500 C.

Then the piece is being glazed and again scorched in the temperature of 10100 C. In the oven the products get scorched and cooled for about 24 hours. After the second scorch we have a perfect miniature which will perks your house or might be as a perfect present for Your friend, relative or boss. Lithuanian clay is used for the production. The glaze is provided by Lithuanian, German and Check Republic producers.